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A group of Experiments.
Astra Castra (Seite: 310)

1. A Flying Globe made by an engineer named Blainville. It is not explained how these wings were to be used; but it gives the idea
of weighting and lightening a balloon with air by means of a pump.
2. 18 July, 1784, Abbé Molan's Montgolfiére. A lateral opening from which it was expected the heated air would rush and force th e balloon in the opposite direction. The machine catching tire, the experiment was not made.
3. A balloon with a reversed parachute by Mr. Henin . This parachute was to slacken the ascent of the balloon, and allow the action of the wind on the sails, thereby guiding it at pleasure.
4. Sir George Cayley's Navigable Balloon, 1816.
5. Samson's Aerostat furnished with fins made of feathers; but, like Julien's, a motive power is required.
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7. The Aerial Ship "I'Aigle", of Mr. Lennox. It proved a failure in the Champs de Mars, August, 1834.
8. Systéme Petin, 1850.
9. Julien's Aerostat. This aerostat, made in a model, 25 feet in length, succeeded in the experiment made at the Hippodrome at Paris, and went against the wind. Its movement was by clockwork suspended below. This invention deserves encouragement.
10. November, 1851, Aerial scheme of Mr. Helle not yet tried;
consisting of a combination of sails and screws moved by the
streng of two men.